Pathea Games was founded in 2010, our mission is to make unique games based on new technology, new ideas, and user generated content.

We strongly believe that the future of gaming and entertainment will have many areas for user input. We are currently creating titles for the PC, console, and mobile platforms. We’re located in Chongqing, China.

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The people

The People of Sandrock

There are numerous unique characters for you to discover in Sandrock, all with complex personalities and intricate backstories. Many of them can be romanced, and almost all of them can be befriended to unlock quests that will reveal their hopes, dreams, and personal goals, or maybe just a fun storyline to achieve something together with that character. We’ve written a new AI system for this game so that the characters will behave more “alive” than in My Time at Portia. For example, we’re planning to have the NPCs interact with each other more instead of keep to themselves like they do in Portia.