Pathea Games was founded in 2010, our mission is to make unique games based on new technology, new ideas, and user generated content.

We strongly believe that the future of gaming and entertainment will have many areas for user input. We are currently creating titles for the PC, console, and mobile platforms. We’re located in Chongqing, China.

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10月 2023

Howdy builders! Act 3 is finally here and marks the journey towards the main storyline finale! Enjoy the brand new main story content, side quests, new romanceable stories, new areas to explore, and much more! It has been five months since our last update, and we have been diligently working on this, although the workload has been quite substantial. We hope for your understanding. Below, you will find a comparison between My Time in Sandrock and My Time in Portia. The story expansion

Howdy, Builders! After several months of high-intensity development work, we're ready to break our silence and share some important news about My Time at Sandrock. Final Price Starting on Sep. 28th (7AM PDT/4PM CEST), Sandrock will adopt the final price of $39.99, ahead of its full release on November 2nd. What can you expect for the full release? Prepare for a memorable adventure featuring a 70+ hour RPG storyline, an extensive array of over one hundred sidequests, a fun for the whole family