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Act 3 Update Available Now! Main Story Finale!

Howdy builders!

Act 3 is finally here and marks the journey towards the main storyline finale!

Enjoy the brand new main story content, side quests, new romanceable stories, new areas to explore, and much more!

It has been five months since our last update, and we have been diligently working on this, although the workload has been quite substantial. We hope for your understanding. Below, you will find a comparison between My Time in Sandrock and My Time in Portia. The story expansion from Portia to Sandrock indeed consumed a significant amount of our time, and we want to thank you for your continued support.

[Story Content – Sandrock VS Portia]

Act 3 Update Patch Notes


● Added main storyline and side quests, which sets a brand new chapter after all the dark schemes happening in Sandrock
● Added romance quests for Nia, Logan, Amirah, Heidi, Grace, Ernest, and Qi.
● Added new romanceable NPC: Jane
● Added new dungeon: Greeno Factory
● Added new area: Undersea Laboratory
● Added Appearance System
● Added mini-game – Mahjong
● Added Shotgun
● Added a special weapon: Altair RX-67
● Added a report where players can check after finishing the main story of Sandrock


● Further optimizations on performance and loading time
● Optimized controller experience
● Optimized camera angle in stories
● Finalised the marriage system
● Finalised the knowledge system. Unlocked the knowledge points, with adjustments on certain stats
● Enriched the number of review mini-games in advanced workshops
● Optimized the dynamic festival to be triggered in priority
● Optimized the Pet System. Now sending the pet out to explore will increase your relationship with the pet.
● Optimized the content guide and increased the length of the guide.
● Enriched the number of images when switching scenes
● Enriched the news from the newspaper
● Enriched letters from mom
● Enriched the townsfolks’ reaction to major events.
● Enriched the townsfolks’ gift preferences
● Optimized the running speed and steering of mounts
● Optimized the interactions with treasure chests
● Optimized the bonus given when reaching the last floor of the abandoned ruins for the first time.
● Optimized home system. New items can now be placed within your home.
● Increased the sales price of antiques
● Optimized the ability to use items directly from the storage box in planting mode
● Optimized the interactive bubble that appears when there are rewards to be claimed in the museum
● Optimized the notifications after donating to the museum
● Optimized the size of the icon for quests/assemblies inside the store
● Optimized the notifications when the player received new points in the knowledge system
● Added new gifts in the ‘Day of The Bright Sun’ event
● Optimized the NPC’s speed when grabbing gifts during the ‘Day of The Bright Sun’ event
● Optimized the refining machine to show which items are equipped and which items are on the quick toolbar
● Optimized the notifications when the machine is out of space during upgrades
● Optimized the level-up experience. Now leveling will restore all HP and some stamina
● Adjusted the unlocking and material requirements for Drying Rack
● Optimized the layout of advanced commissions
● Optimized the sound effects that occur when the backpack is full
● Optimized the volume on some speech bubbles
● Optimized the issue where the townsfolks’ daily conversations and play/date event conversations do not match the player’s current story progression

Bugs & Fixes

Numerous known bugs have been successfully addressed, but efforts are still underway to resolve some of the remaining issues.
If you encounter any bugs, crashes, or other issues, please don’t hesitate to email us at along with your save file. These issues will be addressed and fixed in the later updates. Meanwhile, please find below some of the known issues and how to solve them temporarily. Thank you for your patience!

[Known Issues & Temproary Solution]

Note that if you’ve encounter the infinite loading/black screen issue, please follow the instructions from the image below to remove the Steam Cloud feature and try it again!

Updates Reserved For 1.0 Launch:
Last but certainly not least, we’ll have an exciting treat reserved for the 1.0 launch. It is packed with highly anticipated features, such as the introduction of in-game babies and the ability to raise them, as well as other exciting additions. We can’t wait for you to experience it all on November 2nd! ❤️

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