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My Time at Sandrock Fully Released!

Howdy all Builders,
After a year and a half of Early Access, the moment has finally arrived – 

Sandrock’s Full Release is here!

This is a very important moment for us here at Pathea Games. We’ve spend the last four years trying to make this into something we’d be proud of. We took everything we learned from My Time at Portia and tried to make them better. We took all the player feedback seriously and tried to incorporate as much of it as we can. In the end, we’re very happy with how My Time at Sandrock ended up. We’re happy with the story of redemption for Sandrock and how the player played a part in it. We’re happy with how all the characters have growth of their own. We’re happy that you’ll be able to run this game on a laptop at a stable framerate. Heck, we’re even happy with how multiplayer turned out, even after all the turns and twists in development. We got here because of the hard work of the development team, the massive help from the beta and KS players, and players like you, who were with us every step of the way! Thank you all and please enjoy your time at Sandrock! Below is the changelist:

Change List


Added new side quests

1.Added new quests for Fang, Logan, Nia, Qi, Grace, Amirah, Owen, Ernest, Catori, Jane, Unsuur, Pablo, Venti, Burgess, and Elsie.
2.Added home placement feature
3.Added Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins
4.Added Greenhouse and Factory features
5.Added NPC outfitting
6.Added post-wedding quests
7.Added post-wedding following features
8.Added sandpit in the upgraded museum
9.Added wardrobe function
10.Added children feature

Adjusted & Optimized:
11.Optimized the camera for some missions
12.Optimized how we display items when required by both mission and assembly station
13.Optimized the Mahjong mini-game
14.Optimized how the map displays information
15.More beard options for beardy players and face options for facey players
16.More options for increasing NPC favor
17.More NPC wishes
18.More photo and interaction options with NPCs
19.More photo options with mounts
20.More rewards for museum donations
21.Adjusted display size of some assembly items
22.Adjusted the buttons in credits interface
23.Adjusted direction of outside sofas and chairs during placement
24.Adjusted jumping and dismounting
25.Adjusted not being able to ride cable cars while mounted
26.Adjusted the difficulty of the battle with Haru.
27.Increased the disengagement distance of NPCs in the following state.


28.Fixed the issue where the circle was not be able to be removed before the completion of Pet Detective
29.Fixes issue where the school could not be accessed when New Teacher is started
30.Fixed the issue that quest “Leaving the Nest” would conflict with other missions in the clinic
31.Fixed the issue in Eagles in the Oasis where Fang created a new trend with two hats
32.Fixed the issue where the main quest wouldn’t trigger after Buckin’ Bronco
33.Fixed the issue that Quali-tea over Quanti-tea would get stuck
34.Fixed the issue that in Who Heals the Healers Fang would be sleeping in a weird position
35.Fixed the issue that special effects wouldn’t be removed after completing Buckin’ Bronco.
36.Fixed the issue where Fightin’ ‘Round the World would have a disappearing kangaroo
37.Fixed the issue where the Magic Mirror attended Haru’s trial
38.Fixed the issue where the player’s face had unexpected shadows
39.Fixed the issue where the NPCs won’t take off their sandhats properly
40.Fixed the issue where some posters would be blurred
41.Fixed the issue where the cable on the wreckage wasn’t there
42.Fixed the issue where maximum frame rate limit and v sync wouldn’t work properly
43.Fixed the issue where curing healtyh didn’t owrk properly
44.Fixed the issue where the door to the home is slightly higher than the ground.
45.Fixed the problem that some ponytails will appear as molded hats.
46.Fixed the issue that frequently switching whether the appearance is displayed or not will lead to an abnormal effect.
47.Fixed the issue that the player’s movement is ghostly when going up and down the stairs.
48.Fixed the problem that the guidelines in the upper left corner may be stacked.
49.Fixed the problem that the player’s mom and dad don’t have daily conversations.
50.Fixed the issue where the player’s movement does not behave as expected when blocking with the shield.
51.Fixed the issue where Matilda’s mech was blocked by obstacles when firing lasers in the second stage
52.Fixed the issue where shooting can still be fired when the camera is switched by the storyline when aiming
53.Fixed the issue where the tracking icon is incorrectly displayed on the map.
54.Fixed the issue where NPCs sleeping on the bed would cause clipping problem after load saves.
55.Fixed the problem that some map icons are not controlled by map options.
56.Fixed the issue where some plants in the town were moving around abnormally.
57.Fixed the problem that the queue will disappear abnormally when using the Recycling Machine or Raw Stone Sifter.
58.Fixed invisible models in the Inspection mini-game.
59.Fixed the issue of abnormal light sources in the abandoned ruins of the salvage company.
60.Fixed the issue that there are no hidden item descriptions option when viewing Sandstone’s character icon in controller mode.
61.Fixed the issue that the art effect of the cutscene “Welcome to Sandrock!” is not as expected.
62.Fixed the issue that other missions may be triggered incorrectly when switching scenes.
63.Fixed the issue that NPCs turn back into hiding objects after being found in the day of memories event.
64.Fixed the issue that there is no footsteps sound when players wear goggles.
65.Fixed the issue that some minerals’ model display distances are not as expected.
66.Fixed the issue where the knowledge points can be added over the limit.
67.Fixed the issue where the trigger of the Haru in the scene- Logan’s camp was not as expected
68.Fixed the issue where giving gifts on festivals or NPC birthdays didn’t get extra favor rewards
69.Fixed the issue where textures may not scroll after changing them in the home edit screen in controller mode
70.Fixed the problem that the art effect of shadows in various scenes was not as expected.
71.Fixed the issue where Catori would be incorrectly hidden in certain situations when taking a picture with her.
72.Fixed the issue where NPCs are blocked when the train stops on the platform.
73.Fixed the issue where the boulders on the way to the Undersea Laboratory were incorrectly refreshed.
74.Fixed the issue where non-participating NPCs appeared on stage during the dance competition.
75.Fixed the issue where show/hide item descriptions may not work in some cases.
76.Fixed the issue where there may not be chairs and instruments when Hugo is playing.
77.Fixed the issue that the meeting date of Trudy’s letter does not correspond to the calendar.
78.Fixed the issue where the sword aura of Altair RX-67 is skewed.
79.Fixed the issue that the connections in the social interface are displayed abnormally.
80.Fixed the problem that some NPCs cannot get married
81.Fixed the issue that voice play may be terminated accidentally.
82.Fixed the problem that Jane’s post-wedding petname sound is wrong.
83.Fixed the problem that wedding preparation may still be a wedding preparation on the wedding day after the wedding preparation.
84.Fixed the problem of Cooper not being able to walk to the designated place when he sings.
85.Fixed the issue that Mi-an’s seat is incorrect when reading at home
86.Fixed the issue that the indoor home editing screen in controller mode can’t choose to change materials
87.Fixed the issue where the Recycler could not be assembled successfully after retrieving all the materials.
88.Fixed the issue that Elsie’s animation is abnormal during battle.
89.Fixed the issue that the Undersea Laboratory area loses materials at night.
90.Fixed the issue that the mounts that have been ridden do not follow correctly.
91.Fixed the problem with some monster skill effects
92.Fixed the issue that the yakmel station (greenhouse) could not be selected because it was covered by the map mask.
93.Fixed the issue where the highlight stroke would disappear after switching items in the item bar
94.Fixed the issue that Grace’s sleeping amination is abnormal.
95.Fixed the problem of not getting props when you talk to Fang for the first time.
96.Fixed the problem of incorrect display when opening the donation interface
97.Fixed the problem that the page direction of the refining result is not as expected.
98.Fixed the problem that the snow cover position of some buildings is wrong in winter.
99.Fixed the problem that there is no pathfinding data in the deep desert.
100.Fixed the issue that choosing not using player voice does not work when entering the game for the first time.
101.Fixed the issue that when equipping some of the hats, the appearance without the hats will appear bald.
102.Fixed the issue where the lack of lizards in the Undersea Laboratory Ruins prevented the opening of the trapdoor.
103.Fixed the issue where the quest could not be completed due to cleaning up the pollution in advance in the quest “Clear the Air”.
104.Fixed the issue where the NPCs did not move after the quest – Dan-bi and Rian had their child was triggered
105.Fixed the issue where NPCs that were not in the town appeared at the wedding site.
106.Fixed the issue of not gaining favor points after resolving a child’s needs
107.Corrected Nia’s inappropriate marriage gifts
108.Fixed the issue where pet items may not be available for sale.
109.Modified interaction for the Adventure Machine bottom icon
110.Resolved issues where Sandrunning dates were shown on the map before built the Sandrunning place
111.Fixed the issue that player can talk to the Sandrunning Admin again during preparation time
112.Fixed screen tearing/shaking problems
113.Addressed display problems with certain chairs and plants in the town
114.Fixed the issue where after placing the show room, continuing operations could result in items floating in mid-air.
115.Fixed configuration errors in favorability levels influenced by NPC relationships.
116.Fixed the issue where the camel doesn’t move when riding with Nia.
117.Fixed the achievement “Sandrunning Master” not unlocking.
118.Fixed the problem where sparring with NPCs would not be judged as a draw when the time exceeded.
119.Fixed the issue where talking to Jasmine after the “Fall from Grace” mission could cause a freeze.
120.Fixed the problem where changing NPC outfits in a mission could lead to abnormal unlocking of equipment slots.
121.Fixed conflicts caused by having too many missions at the City Hall entrance.
122.Fixed the issue where giving Qi a Heart Knot resulted in one extra being returned.
123.Fixed the problem where Logan’s Hideout could not be freely entered after the “One Flew Over the Bandit Nest” quest
124.Fixed missing receipes in the factory.
125.Fixed the issue where during the quest of “Class Reunion”, Ginger would not lie down.
126.Fixed the disappearance of the barbecue grill during the Winter Solstice
127.Fixed the issue where during the quest “Away from It All”, getting stuck on the road.
128.Fixed the problem where after leaving home, the effects on the home fence would appear every time.
129.Fixed the issue where items wouldn’t drop out of the chest after opening it.
130.Fixed the problem with object display distances not meeting expectations in the Paradise Lost.
131.Fixed the issue where during the Winter Solstice, both Matilda and Trudy would go on stage to speak.
132.Fixed the problem where sitting in a chair while holding a home item wouldn’t hide the item.
133.Fixed the issue where the prompt icon for the Fire Generator could be easily obscured.
134.Fixed the issue where switching languages would temporarily display other images.
135.Fixed the issue where some accessories would not fit the head properly when the player is bald.
136.Fixed the strange controller vibration issue during the battle with the Cat monster BOSS.
137.Fixed the abnormal behavior of the vulture after leaving combat.
138.Fixed the issue where monster gathering points disappeared from the map.
139.Fixed the issue where some speech bubbles for married NPCs lacked voice acting.
140.Fixed the issue where some NPCs might not be visible in the Churnch on Sunday weddings.
141.Fixed the issue of female players exhibiting abnormal behavior in some cutscenes.
142.Fixed some effects in the combat knowledge system that didn’t meet expectations
143.Fixed the strange shadow of the desert snake.
144.Fixed the issue where Penny did not stay at the inn on the day he arrived in town.
145.Fixed the issue where the Burgess freeze caused by the Geegler story.
146.Fixed the issue where the countdown disappeared during the event the Bright of Sun.
147.Fixed the mainline freeze issue caused by Alo not coming during the reunion event.
148.Fixed the issue where Grace still carried the Fresh Keeping Backpack after the Funnel.
149.Fixed the issue where Elsie returned early after the mission Buried Secrets.
150.Fixed the issue where the display distance of collectible objects did not meet expectations.
151.Fixed the issue where loading non-sleeping autosaves resulted in different weather.
152.Fixed the level requirement error for the vanguard pants.
153.Fixed the issue where following objects could prevent the progression of some mission
154.Fixed the issue where some ponytails caused the player to appear bald in cutscenes.
155.Fixed the issue in controller mode where scrolling down was not possible in the museum reward interface.
156.Fixed the issue where the mission ‘The Six Star Commission’ had an extra icon that wasn’t removed.
157.Fixed the issue of abnormal model display Penny during CGs.
158.Fixed the problem where the kids sitting issue after picked up and put down.
159.Fixed the potential repeated triggering issue in The Quest for the Panacea.
160.Fixed the issue where the Musa letter triggered the Arivo’s quest twice after replies.
161.Fixed the problem with Logan successfully proposing without completing the mission True Love’s Treasure.
162.Fixed the incorrect name for during the Inspection.
163.Adjusted the presentation of NPCs visiting for play.
164.Fixed the problem of object distance display in the Catori World.
165.Fixed the some NPCs’ pathfinding issues when their path was blocked.
166.Fixed the issue where X may stand in a wrong position on Fang’s shoulders.
167.Fixed the problem of triggering dialogues twice when end the date.
168.Fixed the issue of lack the Stage recipe
169.Fixed the problem that players can’t move after Justice’s side quest
170.Fixed the potential black screen issue when holding a wedding at the Church
171.Fixed the issue of missing wheat fields in the Moist Farm
172.Fixed the observation mode.
173.Fixed the issue of no music at the entrance of the station in the mission One Night in Sandrock
174.Fixed the issue of abnormal disappearance of the interaction prompt outside Logan’s house.
175.Fixed the issue of triggering romantic plots even after marrying Amirah.
176.Fixed the dialogue option mismatch issue in the mission Trial by Kiln.
177.Fixed the problem of monsters still appearing in the desert cave after Larry and Xena moved in.
178.Fixed the issue of Owen possibly exhibiting incorrect behavior after the fireside meeting ends.
179.Fixed the issue where compressed cookies appeared in adventure machine rewards.
180.Fixed the issue where using a Pickhammer to mine ores was not affected by the basic knowledge of stone resources.
181.Fixed the issue with missing sound effects for golden treasure chests.
182.Fixed the issue where Elsie would revert to her initial appearance after completing Fashion Show mission.
183.Fixed the issue where NPC’s call to the player’s child would not display correctly.
184.Fixed the issue where it was possible to continue triggering romance plotlines after breaking up.
185.Fixed a prompt error when the baby’s needs were unresolved.
186.Fixed the issue where receiving congratulations from Haru after rejecting Logan’s proposal.
187.Fixed the issue where inappropriate dialogues would occur after Grace’s return.
188.Fixed the issue with duplicate delivery of letters from Ginger.
189.Fixed the issue where the quest “Sunrise” would trigger during a sandstorm.
190.Fixed the issue where the audience positions for the child during a date would overlap.
191.Fixed the issue where the animation for carrying a baby and interacting with an NPC would have incorrect actions upon exiting.
192.Fixed the issue where the marriage lock status of NPCs did not match expectations.
193.Fixed the issue with the child-related prompts that was caused by incorrect displayed or player name.
194.Fixed the display of the source of Chromium Steel tools.
195.Fixed the issue where monsters would stutter when approaching the player during an attack.
196.Fixed the issue where a date with Logan could turn into play event.
197.Fixed the issue where the special effects on the train chimney were misaligned.
198.Fixed the issue where the end-game summary in non-Chinese languages displayed incorrect months.
199.Fixed the issue with the dialogue where the name of the item was missing after giving a wish item.
200.Fixed the issue where the bed placement did not gray out when it did not meet the requirements.
201.Fixed the issue where the icons for sandrunning/sand drawing during play/dates did not match expectations.
202.Fixed missing facial expressions on Magic Mirror.
203.Fixed the issue where the crossbow of Geegler Associate did not have a hit sound.
204.Fixed the issue where Ginger and Gust did not have daily conversations.
205.Fixed the issue where not setting a voice would result in incorrect initial options under settings.
206.Fixed the issue where exiting the game would incorrectly trigger automatic plant recycling & receive exp logic.
207.Fixed the issue where the Six Star Commision could not be triggered.
208.Fixed the issue where the quest “Spread Your Wings” had unexpected behavior after failing.
209.Fixed the issue where the color palette was not visible when selecting a skin color.
210.Fixed the issue where the quest: Diego’s Mask, Epilogue would freeze after triggering the cutscene.
211.Fixed some art inconsistencies during certain cutscenes.
212.Fixed the issue where player’ll find the school unfinished during the quest: First Day of School.
213.Fixed the issue where NPCs would continue celebrating even after the Winter Solstice.
214.Fixed the issue where deleting a selfie from the album the actual file still remains.
215.Fixed the abnormal behavior when NPCs rode together with the player.
216.Fixed the issue that the mole abandoned ruins were too dark.
217.Fixed the issue that the game will stuck when player rides mobile suit on Planting Mode after 3:00AM.
218.Fixed the issue that NPCs will visit player’s home without considering weathers.
219.Fixed the issue that the game will stuck during Justice’s romance quest.
220.Fixed the issue when Lupita’s eyes are blinking hereyelids don’t close.


1.Added a massive number of Urban Planner quests.
2.Added some special storylines.
3.Added some bounty quests.
4.Added some NPC Commissions.
5.Unlocked new playable areas: The Bend; Mt. Rocksand; Areas surrounding the train track leading to the Highwind; Northern Plateau; Deep in the Eufaula Desert. Also added new monsters, resources, and treasure chests in corresponding areas.
6.Optimized the acceptance conditions, requirements, and rewards for some tasks.
7.Introduced new NPCs: Jane, Pen, Haru, Andy, Coco, Daisy. They will be unlocked after completing specified quests.
8.Enabled more NPC play and dating functions.
9.Increased NPC favorability gained through social interactions.
10.Optimized NPC workshop ranking.
11.Added Northern Starship Ruins and Block World Dangerous Ruins.
12.Optimized dungeon difficulty; now solo players can enter multiplayer dungeons.
13.Optimized Boss tracking logic in dungeons.
14.Adjusted the merchandise in the relic shop; opened sales of ancient fragments.
15.Balanced various weapon attributes, greatly improving combat feel.
16.Added a marriage system, allowing players to marry.
17.Added Sandrunning event.
18.Added functions for Luna and the Starlights.
19.Added a game review report.
20.Added Twitch Live Engagement Gameplay and Drops.
21.Added some tutorials.
22.Optimized the milestone system: Improved rewards, tips, and achievement conditions for some milestones.
23.Optimized the order system: Added new orders; adjusted order rewards.
24.Optimized home renovation: Added Show Room export function, optimized some UI and operation feedback.
25.Optimized shared storage boxes: Increased space limitation; optimized upgrade conditions.
26.Optimized Mahjong system: Added rule details; optimized some UIs; added Mahjong voiceovers.
27.Optimized planting system: Added Raspberry, Rose Willow; added intermediate/advanced planting functions unlocked after completing specified tasks; optimized tips and displays.
28.Optimized ordering system: Added Mole Cavemine orders; Optimized contract expiration prompts, icon prompts, etc.
29.Optimized mount system: Optimized mount speed and steering; lowered prices for mount rentals and sales.
30.Optimized sand catching system: Added bait-related tips; increased sandfish selling prices.
31.Optimized magic mirror system: Added home assistant storage box; added some Magic Mirror assistant functions.
32.Optimized relic system: Added hints for the number of relic set fragments; adjusted buying and selling prices for relics.
33.Optimized the effects of some knowledge.
34.Added some new furniture and machines.
35.Added some new workshop buildings.
36.Added new weapons and equipment.
37.Strengthened the effects of various foods.
38.Adjusted the content and prices of various shops.
39.Adjusted materials required for refining some items.
40.Optimized game time speed; currently, one in-game day is 30 minutes in real-time.
41.Optimized escaping from stuck points.
42.Optimized game performance.
43.Added player voice lines, character voiceovers, controller support, and multi-language support.
44.Fixed several bugs.

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