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We strongly believe that the future of gaming and entertainment will have many areas for user input. We are currently creating titles for the PC, console, and mobile platforms. We’re located in Chongqing, China.

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A Builder’s Life | New Trailer Unveiled for Sandrock

Howdy Builders,
the new trailer, A Builder’s Life, has been unveiled. Let’s look into the Builder’s journey, with hints at challenges, discoveries, and adventures awaiting you! Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly anticipate the game’s release! Your heartwarming relationships and cherished memories are set to arrive at November 2.

Sandrock is participating in the publisher sale until September 18th. All Early Access players will receive the game and automatically gain access to the multiplayer online co-op mode

Get the Collector’s Edition! PC version will be available on this [Store Link] soon!
The addictive sandbox experience gets even bigger with the exclusive content of the Collector’s Edition:
●     “Pensky” plush toy: Friendly and incredibly cute, he loves sliding on the dunes.
●     Wooden workshop to assemble: A wooden replica of your Builder’s Workshop.
●     40-page comic book in English: A comic book about the story of Logan the outlaw.
●     Logan and Nia Standees: Two wooden Standees of Logan and Nia.
●     Builder’s License to fill out, with an envelope.
●     A Digital copy of the game with a digital download code for Steam.
●     Additional digital content: Includes two cosmetics: a costume and a swimsuit. 

Console Collectors’ Edition available for pre-order on online stores!

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